Our signature product is “The Wine Guard.” This system is easy to use and costs only pennies per application to preserve your wines. It combines 2 patented products that have never been marketed together.

Step 1: Winelife keeps the open bottles of wine fresh. You only need to Spray WineLife into the bottle one time, right after you pour the first glass. This creates an inert gas blanket on top of the wine which prevents air from spoiling the wine.

Step 2: Put Haley's Corker in an open wine bottle. This keeps the inert gas trapped inside the bottle.

Step 3: Close the Haley's Corker. Wine Guard is now working.

Step 4: Wine Guard will insure that your last pouring will bring as much satisfaction as the first.

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The Wine Guard System      Price $19.99
Save $2.00 off MSRP for a limited time only

(includes ONE can of WineLife and TWO corkers)

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